A Bit About Us

Our Story

Since our founding, we’ve focused exclusively on converting traditional, water wasting front lawns into luscious gardens in the most sustainable way possible. (But if you want something more custom, we can probs do that for you).  We plant native plants that attract bees & butterflies. Not only does our service save you money by saving you money on resources like water and time, it helps reduce noise pollution from lawn mowing; it also raises your curb appeal. We do this using zero-emission vehicles, using  battery(solar & wind charged) powered equipment and do our best to source nearly everything locally. We're here to assist you in living sustainably, not only do you transform your yard into a pollinator habitat, your purchase helps fund water conservation organizations and plant trees across the planet. Family Operated. Latina LGBT+ Woman-Owned.


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Why Tho?

  • Our way of contributing to a more sustainable planet

  • Being the catalyst for similar companies to adopt environmentally sustainable operating practices

  • Lawns are so unnecessarily wasteful

    •  seriously tho​

What's the process, exactly?

  • You purchase the service that best suits you

  • Schedule a time that best works for you for us to come out to your property and take measurements of your front yard.

  • After "811" marks utility lines, we arrive and start converting your lawn into a no dig garden

  • You enjoy your new garden every time you look out your window, walk your pet, leave/arrive your home

Any Other Benefits?

  • Raises Curb Appeal

  • Conserves Water

  • Reduces Noise Pollution

  • May increase happiness