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Converting boring lawns into Beautiful Gardens

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All About Do Good Gardens

Sustainable. Colorful. Timeless.

Zero emissions, efficient, and as sustainable as possible, Do Good Gardens is The first and only landscaping company in Chicago whose focus is all about sustainability.  Our team converts your front lawn to a pollinator's paradise. We plant native plants, butterfly and bee attracting plants with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. 


'Do Good' Part

Hiring us for your landscaping needs does quite a bit of Good, actually.

  • All of our equipment and transportation is powered by renewable energy.

  • We source hyper locally and reuse materials from other projects when possible

  • with our lawn conversion, the amount of water saved is up to 70%

  • Provide a habitat for pollinators

  • For every service you choose, we plant 50 trees via "onetreeplanted"

  • 50% of profits is donated to water conservation organizations

Light Pink Roses
Image by NeONBRAND

Front Lawn Conversion 

Our main service is turning your traditional front lawn into a garden full of color and life. No more walking out your front door seeing yellow, patchy, muddy lawns; instead it will be bright, full flowers.

Watering the Garden

Filtered watering

After initial conversion of your front garden, we water the garden using filtered water every two weeks. 


Garden Weeding

Weeds will unfortunately always pop up from time to time; included with the front lawn conversion is our quarterly weeding service. We stop by and pull out and dispose of any weeds that may be around.

Broom Sweeping Fallen Leaves

*Additional Seasonal Service*
Leaf Removal

Do Good Gardens is dedicated to having your front yard looking immaculate throughout the entire year. You can count on your yard being leaf free throughout autumn and winter with this seasonal service.


*Additional Seasonal Service*

Snow Clearance

Once an inch or more of snow is scheduled to fall, we'll come by and shovel or use the snowblower to clear your sidewalk and/or driveway.

Sunflower Close Up

Meeting Your Needs

Do Good Gardens is dedicated to providing high quality services to the city of Chicago. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

Purple Flower

Get in Touch

Satellite Office (By Appointment Only)
211 W. Wacker Dr
FL 3, Office 217
Chicago, IL 60606

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